Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How to become a Babalawo

How to become a Babalawo

How to become a Babalawo

This video talks about how babalawo are trained and selected in the olden days and how anyone become a Babalawo in this modern days.

This video is purely in Yoruba language and you need to listen very well .

May be you should share it if you find something truthful in it.

We are AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Monday, July 15, 2024

What kind of Babalawo is your Babalawo?

What kind of Babalawo is your Babalawo?

What kind of Babalawo is your Babalawo?

He that burns all sort of items like house, car and anything ???

I greet you all.

In the olden days during IFA initiation, the Initiate start incantation immediately because of the power that would enter him instantly but today after IFA initiation, you would go and join OGBONI and then go and learn how to read the book of incantations.

I salute you .

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Who created Erindinlogun ????

Who created Erindinlogun ????

Who created Erindinlogun ????

You need to read my previous article, is there Fake erindinlogun? 


If you want to learn and you still wished to learn, you need to offload all the fake and rubbish you have learnt from anyone especially untrained OLUWO that we have up and down.

ORISA OLOKUN is the trainer of any OLUWO and any OLUWO that wasn't trained by OLOKUN is untrained OLUWO.... Simple.

They don't want to learn yet they are full of shit.

Many people have been made to believe that OSUN owns erindinlogun, there was this big lie that it was because OSUN was the wife of ORUNMILA that was why she learnt how to use Erindinlogun.

Some others says ORUNMILA curse her Erindinlogun that is why Erindinlogun is not complete or inaccurate.

All this lie and stories are just as good as a dead horse riding inside a book.

It is all lie.

How do we know that all those stories are lie?

Have you heard any stories of how SANGO went to ORUNMILA to learn divination?

May be sango was also the wife of ORUNMILA or may be he went to learn how to use divination, may be that was why SANGO priest can also uses Erindinlogun.

May be they want to tell me that YEMOJA also learns from ORUNMILA, may be that is why YEMOJA priestess can uses erindinlogun .

Or do they want to tell me that OLOKUN went to ORUNMILA to learn divination may be that is how OLOKUN priest also learn how to use Erindinlogun.

Do they want to tell me that SANPONNA went to ORUNMILA to learn may be that is why sanponna priest uses Erindinlogun.

Do they want to tell us that OYA the wife of SANGO went to ORUNMILA to learn how to use Erindinlogun?

Enough of all this stories and lies and let us call a spade a spade.

I said ,does IFA speak for all ORISA ? Find that out via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/06/does-ifa-really-does-ifa-really-speak.html

I have written an article that said or asked 
Who uses erindinlogun? Read it via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/who-uses-erindinlogun.html

Read the comparison between Erindinlogun and opele via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/erindinlogun-vs-opele-which-one-is-older.html


No doubt babalawo and others have been trying to convinced us or should I say deceived us for a very long time now in the name of IFA .

Who created Erindinlogun?

Erindinlogun was created by OBATALA the father of all the ORISA , the creator of all the ORISA .

I know so many people still doubt this but I have written some articles on who is the king of all the ORISA .https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/video-obatala-vs-orunmila-who-is-king.html 

I also said whoever is a babalawo but doesn't respect OBATALA, this is what is happening to them via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/babalawo-that-doesnt-respect-obatala.html .

I also mentioned that you can do this small exercise from your phone via WhatsApp and ask this simple question to know some truths about who created who https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/if-you-are-on-whatsapp-ask-this.html

I further asked a question, why is it difficult for Babalawo to tell each other the truth, you need to read this also https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/why-is-it-difficult-for-babalawo-to.html

With so much damages to the world from Babalawo, take a peep at their evil acts via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/video-how-babalawo-are-destroying-world.html

If you have read those articles from the links above, then you are ready for more truth from AJE NLA the son of OBATALA .

Don't be decieving yourself if they are decieving you .

OBATALA created the cowries also known as Erindinlogun as the method of divination and a way by which all the ORISA would communicate their minds to their priest and devotee , this is why I said in my article that does IFA really speak for all the ORISA ?? Read it via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/06/does-ifa-really-does-ifa-really-speak.html

Who else could have created the cowries Erindinlogun if not the father of creation himself ?

Stop attributing what is not to who is not.

ORUNMILA didn't create Erindinlogun, it was OBATALA.

If ORUNMILA was the one that created erindinlogun, then SANPONNA, OLOKUN and others must have learnt it from him but they didn't 

Erindinlogun was and have been in existence before IFA itself was ever born or made.

........ What a bombshell ... ...

Erindinlogun is older than IFA .

When the hell was IFA born??

IFA is still a baby

How can something older than another thing be created by something not up to its own age?

We have many fooooolosh OLUWO and Araba nonsense.

They just sit and sell books with no intellectual values .

Do you want to convinced me that OBATALA also went to learn from ORUNMILA how to use Erindinlogun, ? Are you saying that is why OBATALA priest and sons like me are able to use erindinlogun because OBATALA learn from ORUNMILA?

Enough is enough.

If you like this truth, share it and continue to share till it reaches the end of the world.

We are AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

AJE NLA is not a single entity but a combination of different spiritus and ORISA....
Is there Fake erindinlogun ???

Is there Fake erindinlogun ???

Is there Fake erindinlogun ???

Is there anything that doesn't have it's fake coined out of desperation?

Yes we have fake erindinlogun.

We have some individuals who doesn't have any ORISA but went to the market to buy cowries and start using it.

They bought the cowries and buy books of spiritual work or copy one book from one corner corner babalawo and they started doing whatever they think they are doing .

This are first example of fake erindinlogun.

The intention wasn't pure and the ways is not straight.

People don't like us for speaking the truth but we know, their fore fathers can't do anything for AJE NLA unless they want to die untimely. No remedy.

The second example of fake erindinlogun are those with ORISA .

If you have ORISA, you would still need to synchronize your erindinlogun with your ORISA before using it.

The synchronization method is quiet simple and how I wish I can say it in this article but I can't .

Everything (this include yourself, your erindinlogun and ORISA) must all be in unity and one accord because the three of you are bounded together by a ODU.

A broken link between either or neither of the three would result in a fake erindinlogun.

A fake erindinlogun is not always speaking the truth, a little variation always happens to it.

Most people don't really care if their divination is accurate or not, they only care about the book of account for all sort of evil spiritual work, since that is what people wants or are looking for.

Well, I couldn't speak more than this .

Who uses erindinlogun?

Who uses erindinlogun?

Who uses erindinlogun?

In my previous article where I compare erindinlogun vs Opele - which one is older ?


You can read it and learn more about which method of divination is older.

Erindinlogun are used by Olorisa.

Olorisa are people who have one or two ORISA . 

Someone having OSUN would use erindinlogun to speak with her OSUN.

Someone having SANGO would uses erindinlogun to speak with his/her sango 

Erindinlogun is an ancient ways of communication with the ORISA and to know the mind and heart of the ORISA for the people.

Contrary to what you have been made to believe, erindinlogun is as accurate as anything.

Infact more accurate than Opele. 

Now I am looking for Babalawo's trouble here.

Yea, Erindinlogun is more accurate than Opele because it is still in it's real form of divinity.

Erindinlogun is closer to the Ocean, closer to OLOKUN the real source of IFA divination.

Babalawo would not agree that IFA is nothing without OLOKUN, read it via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/06/what-is-ifa-without-olokun.html

And I asked, does IFA really speak for all ORISA ? Find the answer via here https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/06/does-ifa-really-does-ifa-really-speak.html .

They want to control knowledge and people but they can't .

In all their years as a Babalawo, what have they done if not evil ??????

We are AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Erindinlogun vs Opele - which one is older ??

Erindinlogun vs Opele - which one is older ??

Erindinlogun vs Opele - which one is older ??

Most people have been made to believe that erindinlogun is not important because they want to market their IFA and Babalawo for everyone and to also get rid of other ORISA and their method of divination.

All the plans of All Babalawo has failed woefully as AJE NLA the son of OBATALA is here to enlightened people from the darkness and blindness of all Babalawo.

Erindinlogun should be called Grandpa to Opele because erindinlogun is fucking older than Opele.

Erindinlogun is also more accurate than Opele in it's divination but it takes a real son of ORISA who is more efficient, discipline to give you it's accuracy.

Stop believing anything any babalawo tells you from today, rather visit iya OSUN, oni SANGO , olobatala, and any other olorisa to confirm any divination done for you by any babalawo because babalawo are more trickery like ESU and most of them are not as pure as before. They are now marketers of evil and nothing more 

If you find this article more useful, kindly share it with your loved ones and family.

We remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
Can anyone stop AJE NLA ??????????

Can anyone stop AJE NLA ??????????

Can anyone stop AJE NLA ??????????

We have seen something like a message to AJE NLA circulating all over the internet and I didn't even click on it to know it's content.

We have seen something like AJE NLA is not an ISESE all over the internet and I didn't look at the content.

We have seen something like AJE NLA is not a babalawo and I didn't bother about it content.

In short we have seen many many things written to spoil our name and we know that no matter what they do in this lifetime, they would never live to reap the fruit of their labour.

We know their lives would end in misery those who have propagated a lot of bad things about us

This is what happens when you speak the truth against all their evil acts and stupidity. It gets to their bone and they start thinking of what next to do.

Those words would rather give people more morals and hints to look for us rather than doing any damages.

Our articles is on the lips of every babalawo and iyanifa across the globe, you cant enter any babalawo or spiritual group without you seeing our articles posted by someone.

Can you stop AJE NLA ???????

Even if you are a witch, wizard or any kind of ORISA, Nothing can stop AJE NLA 

We have a lot and a lot to say because we have not started anything.

We have a lot to teach ,a lot to condemned, a lot to show people and no one can stop that.

You can have 1million fans and share your own video, we would rather thank you for advert.

We are positivity, we are AJE NLA 

You know what pains this babalawo the most? 

They don't have any good intentions towards anyone,

They don't speak the truth anymore 

They don't even do their job anymore 

AJE NLA didn't join them in their evil deeds.

I asked again, can AJE NLA be stopped??????

It pained people when we talked about our visit to other realms and they find it hard to get there.

It pained them the moment we said they are doing half baked IFA initiation for people .

Well, we are just about to start....

We have done the crucial aspect of the ORISA OBATALA festival and few people dream.

We remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

AJE NLA is not a single entity, it's a combination of different spiritus snd ORISA .

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Omo Omi vs Egbe ANIWURA - who is more wealthy ????

Omo Omi vs Egbe ANIWURA - who is more wealthy ????

Omo Omi vs Egbe ANIWURA - who is more wealthy ????

Most People are in search of what is not lost. They all want money, fame and power.

Omo Omi has not been save from canal minds and wicked people since they have discovered that Omo Omi are made of cowries from their head to toe.

Read the following to know about Omo Omi

Characteristics of Omo Omi


Meaning of Omo Omi


Omo Omi prayer


This is what would happen to you if you eat anything forbidden as Omo Omi

Eru egbe didi Omo Omi

Forbidden color for Omo Omi

Advantage of Omo Omi

Forbidden things for Omo Omi

Sara fun Omo Omi

Eewo Omo Omi

Activating your AJE as Omo Omi

But the truth is that ANIWURA is more wealthy than Omo Omi.

Since ANIWURA deals with Gold as their currency while Omo Omi deals with cowries as their currency.

Gold has been in existence a long time before cowries, so therefore Gold is superior to cowries .

We are AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Friday, July 12, 2024

Why is it difficult for Babalawo to tell each other the truth?

Why is it difficult for Babalawo to tell each other the truth?

Why is it difficult for Babalawo to tell each other the truth? Yet they want to fight AJE NLA for speaking the truth ?

Obviously we live in a blind era where the blind is in control of the resources meant for those who see.

And those who have eyes have removed their own eyes to follow the blind or to belong in the circus of the blind .

Babalawo would do spiritual work to tie down another man's husband , tie down a man against his mother, tie down a woman to forcefully married her against her will, force a court case to be dismissed even though their client is all at fault .

They turn blinded eyes to the evils of their fellow Babalawo in the name of one stupid cult slang - AWO.

Yet they all assemble to fight AJE NLA the son of OBATALA for speaking the truth and to liberate people from their wickedness.

Do you think your evil act is unnoticed????


We see everything you do.

We remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Which one would you prefer between ELEGBA and ESU?

Which one would you prefer between ELEGBA and ESU?

Which one would you prefer between ELEGBA and ESU?

People have the choice to do what is right or do what is wrong 

Either way you choose to go, no one is going to face the consequences of your actions for you except you.

If you are to choose between ESU and Elegba , which one would you choose ?

The Father who is Elegba ,ten billion times stronger than the son ESU 

Or ESU that would always be shy of saying the truth? 

Or ESU that can't even fight other ORISA .

The role of ESU is to make sure than humans get justice against one another .

While the role of Elegba is to make sure than ORISA get justice against one another.

Their roles are different.

Esu deals with humans and Elegba deals directly with other ORISA .

We don't always value our own until the white man value it for us.

We all know the story of how OSUN and OSUN grooves almost turn to a ruin until a white woman travels all the way from her country and bring it all back and up before all your favorite babalawo started going there every year for snapping pictures and showing fake love to ORISA OSUN.

ELEGBA that doesn't wanted to be forgotten travels to other country where he would be loved and adored 

People outside Nigeria only believe in Elegba , they dont know any ESU of any kind.

Our Babalawo couldn't comprehend the difference between ESU and Elegba so they merged them into one ORISA when they are not one.

They write it in their book of IFA to make it more legit and convincing.

If you like feed ESU and if you like go for ELEGBA.

The choice is always yours to make and na you get your life .

If it is left to us AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA.

We would choose ELEGBA over ESU a million times over and in a million lifetime cycle.

People can be a lot of things but they can't change the truth from being the truth, I have heard in some comments that I should stop comparing ORISA .

If I don't compare how would people know which one is supper powerful???

Like I said, ORUNMILA is a king of priest hood not the king of ORISA . This truth is making a lot of people to have headache .

Well , you can't stop the truth.

Get full comparison between OBATALA and ORUNMILA via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/if-you-are-on-whatsapp-ask-this.html

Another link https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/video-obatala-vs-orunmila-who-is-king.html

Another link - Babalawo that doesn't respect OBATALA, this is what would happen to them https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/babalawo-that-doesnt-respect-obatala.html

What makes babalawo angry https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/what-have-we-done-in-last-seven-days.html 

Some even said I am making advert for my self , then I remember this article that says can babalawo advertised themselves?? https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/04/can-babalawo-advertise-themselves.html .

If my articles are calling for spiritual war,then let the war begins ..

We are AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA