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Ajagbeejo (English Version)


English Version of Ajagbeejo (Yoruba expository) 

Ajagbeejo is the story of a creature, so extra ordinary such that only a strong fisherman or Hunter could ever reach where it is in the deep Ocean. 

Many people have been using the word Ajagbeejo without having a first hand knowledge of what it is. 

Even the government uses it when the country is building it's own locally made lorry, they called it ajagbeejo. 

But what is the story behind the name ajagbeejo? 

Have written it in pure Yoruba Language but some people want to also learn, hence the reason for the English version. 

How does this beauty looks like? 
It's a fish that has a long cylinderical body like a snake but it has the head of a Fish. 

We also have ajagba eja : This one is a fish that have the head of a snake. The content of this topic is about ajagbeejo. 

We have the Male and Female of this wonder of nature. The Female is bigger than the male. 

There are Some found English creature that may give you an idea of what am saying but it is not ajagbeejo. 
1. Snake Eel,
2. Swamp Eel,
3. Fire Eel,
4. Snakehead,
5. Bichir,
6. Zebra Moray,
7. Lamprey,
8. Pipefish,
9. Violet Goby,
10. Kuhli Loach,
11. Reedfish / Ropefish,
12. Eelpout,
13. Hagfish, and
14. Lungfish.

This wonder is used for so many things ranging from medicine to other usefulness. It cure barrenness, it cure old age, just to say a few. 

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