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Craft in Yoruba land


 Craft in Yorubabland

Crafts constituted the backbone of Yorùbá indigenous economy. These crafts used indigenous technological initiatives. 
The type of crafts practiced and goods produced were a function of the natural resource available to various towns and communities 
in Yorùbáland.

Crafts in traditional Yorùbá society are divided into three major forms. The first is agriculture, which include farming, fishing, and animal husbandry. 

The second category of craft is artworks, which include smithing, carving, and building. .

The third category, 
the most unique and specialized, includes the works of herbal medicine and priesthood.

Crafts in Yorùbáland can be divided into two types: indigenous crafts and modern crafts.

Indigenous crafts are those inherited from the precolonial era, such as blacksmithing, hair weaving, wood carving, pottery, 
and basket weaving. 

Modern crafts are those crafts practiced with the use of modern tools and technolo-
gies, such as printing,dry-cleaning, tailoring.

Written by Mutiat Titilope

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