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Difference between IKIN IFA and ÈKÙRỌ́


The palm-trees that produces Ikin Ifá is not the same with the palm-trees that produces èkùrọ́. Èkùrọ́ resembles Ikin but it is not Ikin Ifá.

Igba ọlọ̀gbẹ̀rì tí n bú Ikin wa lékùrọ́
Ikin mọ ti di òrìsà.

Every Ikin Ifá has a name attributed to it. 

1. A three-eyed Palm-nut (oloju meta) is called Ọ̀sá Ikin. It is not regarded as a valid Ikin Ifá. It is not even acceptable for casting Ifá when doing consultation.

2. A four-eyed Palm-nut (oloju merin) is called Awìnrìn-Ikin. It is the most common Ikin Ifá. It is the Ikin Ifá that babalawo mostly use to do divination.

3.  There's a five-eyed (oloju marun) Ikin Ifá.

4. A six-eyed Ikin Ifá is called Òdùsọ̀–Ikin. Very valid Ikin.

5. There's a eight eyes Ikin Ifá. There's Ikin Ifá with ten eyes and sixteen eyes. These categories are very scarce and very rare  to find.

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