ẸGBẸ̀ ỌRUN are not Astral mates

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ẸGBẸ̀ ỌRUN are not astral mates

Creatures in the astral planes are called entity. They are not associated with any body (be it dead or living, they don't have their own body).

Referring EGBE Orun to astral mate is lowering the EGBE Orun standard. 

They don't have a definite shape and most times they cause troubles anywhere they are neither are they giving the chance to born into our own world. 

Though they have some good ones among them but we can't still say or called EGBE Orun as astral mates. 

Calling EGBE Orun astral mate, this is what happen when you try to interpret Yoruba Cosmology to what an English Man can understand and you are spoiling the real meaning of EGBE Orun . 

To simply put, EGBE Orun are your friends and family in other worlds of existence .

EGBE Orun are your family, they are the origin of where you are from in this vast universe of ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

EGBE Orun members  has the privilege of choosing to come to our world as human being, spend some years as they like and go back while astral entity are not given that chance or privileged. 

We all belong to one EGBE Orun or the other whether we agree or not. 

Many people have been separated from our EGBE Orun when we are young, these are one of the factors that leads to hardship when we grow up. 

EGBE Orun works hand in hand with ORISA ewe and that is why in most cases they disturb children a lots because children Can see them, ear them and speak with them. 

But it's not the child's fault to do EGBE Orun initiation. 

Many parents are blinded with western religion that our own ORISA religion have no value. 

Hence the child is left to face different sort of problems and later in life, if lucky would do EGBE Orun or discovers they ever existed. If the grown child is unlucky, he too would join the lines of those who never believe in the existence of EGBE Orun. Producing the next generation of ungrateful people. 

Am Odewole Olusegun. Am a Simple Man who love telling the Stories of the Gods

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