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List and Different types of EGBE Orun

List and Different types of EGBE Orun 

There are so many EGBE Orun that existed or should I say created by ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ. 

EGBE Orun are divided in Four Main groups which are sub divided into groups and divided and divided. 

I can not give you the full details of the division in the types of EGBE Orun because they don't want me to say it all. 

The Four Main groups of EGBE Orun are 


Among this EGBE Orun, water is the largest EGBE Orun that ever existed and it is also the powerful EGBE Orun because water was a primordial element, an element that has been into existence before the creation of mankind. Read about primordial War between ORISA 

Each EGBE Orun has direct or indirect link with ORISA. 

The Functions of each EGBE Orun also determine or affects their sub division. 

Some few know sub division of EGBE Orun are

EGBE Orun for warriors (here they fight the powers of darkness and other spiritual forces against the progress of mankind) 

EGBE Orun Imole (here they give inspiration ,wisdom and shines light to the darker part of life) 

EGBE Orun AJe (this deals with daily wealth transactions between mankind)

This is where they want me to stop on EGBE Orun. 

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