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Orisa Ibeji


The  Orisha Ibeji are the divine twins.
They bring joy, happiness and abundance to their followers.

The Ibeji (also called Ibelli, Ibeyi, Meji, Melli or Jimaguas) is the orisha of the divine twins. 

According to african spirituality, while there are two individuals when twins are born, the Ibeji is one Orisha. Twins are considered sacred by birth among the African people. 

The Ibeji (and all twins for that matter) are considered one soul contained in two bodies, inextricably linked in life through destiny. 

The Ibeji are the Orishas of joy, mischief, abundance and childish glee. They are the children of Shango and Oshun and are considered to be the first twins born on the Earth.

The Ibeji are considered the main Orisha of anyone who is born a twin, including those who have lost their twin sibling. 

In African spirituality, when a mother gives birth to twins, Ibeji are consecrated and given to her as well as a set for her twin children.

 If one of the twins dies, a special doll is consecrated to act as a body for that deceased child’s sibling to carry (So that the two-bodied soul of the twins can remain intact. 

Otherwise the surviving twin would quickly follow his or her sibling to death).

When the second twin dies, a second doll is consecrated to match the first and both are kept with the consecrated pots by the mother.The first born twin of the Ibeji is considered the younger of the two and is named Taiwo.

The second born is considered to be older and is named Kehinde.

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