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Reason and Benefit of EGBE Orun Initiation

Reason and Benefit of EGBE Orun Initiation 

For thlse who are yet to get the concept and true meaning of EGBE Orun, you can browse this link

The reasons for EGBE Orun initiation are too numerous to list out, but we can only talk about few which are 

1. You are preparing a good place for yourself after death, if you have doubt about this post, kindly read here

2. You are telling the EGBE  Orun that you recognize their presence on earth and you wish to continue the relationship while you are here on earth. Not just any when you are in heaven alone. 

3. For spiritual guidance and protection, EGBE Orun would tell you who is your enemy, what to do at any particular time. 

4 For inspiration, they help us with new ideas of doing whatever it is that we do. 

EGBE Orun doesn't want me to say it all. 

Thank you. 

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