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Who is an OLUWO ?

Who is an OLUWO ?

Oluwo is a person through which another person get initiated into IFA or OGBONI spirituality. He is a spiritual godfather to the initiatee (Omo-awo) & every proceedings in IFA or OGBONI initiation goes through him. He has many say and authority in deciding how proceedings in IFA or OGBONI spirituality should go. An Oluwo  are usually Male. 

Being an Omo-awo, Oluwos are the last persons to have issues or dispute with. Always take good & proper care of them. 

Without OLUWOs, it's impossible to get initiated into IFA or OGBONI spirituality & it's the sole reason why one must treat them like biological parent cuz they took many risks to make sure one have a good Spiritual life. Forget about the fact that you paid to get initiated. No sum of money can amount to the spiritual life they gave you. It's one of the things money can't buy. 

Many persons in IFA or OGBONI spirituality failed to manifest their destinies in life after getting initiated. Unharmonious relationship with Oluwo is one of the factors that hinders progress of Omo-awo.

You're really disadvantaged If you're not on good terms with your Oluwo. kindly amend things asap for the sake of your spiritual life. If your Oluwo is late, always make sacrifices regularly to appease their spirits. 

Regardless of how successful your initiation into IFA or OGBONI Spirituality is, problem start to arise the moment you go astray with your Oluwo. It's a big taboo in IFA or OGBONI spirituality & one must take conscious of it. 

Just like how important your parent is, your Oluwo is as important as them cuz they gave you a purpose & guidelines to manifest your destiny.  
Though, some Oluwos are too demanding & greedy. Don't let that discourage u from doing good or distance u from them. Do your part & make sure you don't get crossed with them even if they upset you.

In IFA or OGBONI spirituality, prayers and blessings from Oluwos always go a long way in manifestation of one's destiny. Seek & receive them at every chance. 
The gods are wise. 
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