Why is Olokun at the bottom of the ocean?

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Why is Olokun at the bottom of the ocean?

OLOKUN is one of the ORISA that has been in existence before the creation of Man. 

He is giving anything that has to do with water and he is the richest among all the ORISA. 

The reason why OloKun is at the bottom of the sea is because the bottom of the Ocean is the only place that can contain his wealth, castle and riches. 

If you have ever been to his palace before, you will understand that such Wealth can not be build just anywhere in the sea. 

Since he owns the waters and larger portion of the water bodies, that is the right place for him to be. 

Don't forget that we still have YEMOJA, OSUN and other also in the ocean . 
Am Odewole Olusegun. Am a Simple Man who love telling the Stories of the Gods

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