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The Story of Yusuf Olatunji Baba Legba

 Yusuf Olatunji


Yusuf Olatunji as Baba Legba (1905 -1978)] was a Yorùbá Sakara drum player, who popularized the sakara music style.

He was purportedly born in 1905 in a village called Gbegbinlawo in Ogun State in south-western Nigeria location. 

He started his career in 1937 with his first record and he joined Abibu oluwa band in 1927.

He died on December 15, 1978 age 74. He is survived by 4 children and 3 wives. Olatunji was a friend of the late Lamidi Durowoju, Late Jimoh Ishola, who was later hanged in the late 80s, Late Raji Orire, Late Badejo Okunsanya and other great men.

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