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10 reasons why you need to be initiated into ifa

10 reasons why you need to be initiated into ifa 

Ifa initiation known in Yoruba as itenifa or itelodu can be said to be a spiritual process which enables one to understand not only what Ifa is but also to illuminate light to one’s life, destiny and to serve as a pathway, guidance to our application to life itself. 

1. It gives the initiates Ase (power) in any chosen career

2. It enables the initiates to know the easiest direction to follow in order to achieve their pre-destined desired goals

3. It gives them the opportunity to recognize the originality and uniqueness in their individuality

4. It gives them basis for gauging their achievements in life vis-à-vis their destiny

5. It gives them the capability to predict what their future will look like

6. It assures them the guidance and protection of the Deities

7. It also makes them masters over their destiny and future

8. It guides them against pitfalls

9. It makes them understand and appreciate how their lives and death will be.

10. It becomes easy to know when their times on earth are over.

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