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A Story and Myths about one of ÔRISÂ OSUN's incarnation

This is just a myth, only OSUN can tell if it's true or not. But it's a good loving story. 

The Orisa OSUN have had many incarnations.

In one of those incarnations referencing her birth. 

It happened on a very clear day, OLOFIN is one of the guardians who resides in ORUN which is the abode of HEAVEN. 

OLOFIN is referred to as the OWNER of the PALACE in ORUN. On this particular clear day, OLOFIN came down to EARTH, sitting in a canoe which was without any oars, he was sailing very PEACEFULLY on a DEEP, CALM and RIVER.

It just so happened that this canoe was taken by itself FAR, FAR, FAR away until it came to the shores of a big village very deep into the BUSH COUNTRY.

OLOFIN then gets out and walks to the VILLAGE. There He greeted the people at the place where they celebrated their council and spoke to them. 

 The people there were very happy because BABA OLOFIN, had visited them. 

When He finished speaking, He got thirsty and asked for fresh water. The ELDER of the tribe asked a young girl to bring water to Him. 

When BABA OLOFIN laid eyes on Her, He was overwhelmed with Love for her instantly. 

Not only was She outrageously beautiful, She was very clean, Her Head was adorned with Flowers, and She seemed very much concerned with doing Her tasks correctly and tried sincerely to please Him in every way She could.

The attraction was so overpowering and correct that same day, BABA OLOFIN took her as HIS WIFE and carried HER with HIM. 

Her name was MYBOYA KAI, and She never came back to the land of Her birth. 

MYBOYA KAI gave birth to a Beautiful baby girl who they called OSHUN OMI PASHANGARA in honor of the Rivers Village where they had met. 

BABY OSHUN grew more beautiful everyday with over flowing JOY, LAUGHTER, and a CONTAGIOUS HAPPINESS. Her (mother) MBOYA KAI, loved Her more than anything else in the world.

In fact all the CREATURES of the WATERS, the air, and EARTH loved OSHUN.

 It also happened that BABA OLOFIN became overwhelmed with envy. He became very jealous of the shine and attention His Daughter received. 

The focus was not on him. ALL of His WIVES attentions, ALL  of the ANIMALS attentions, and ALL of the PEOPLES attentions, were were now for OSHUN. 

HE couldn’t move His canoe in the WATER, because the RIVER, would not move unless OSHUN was in the canoe. 

He could not FISH because the FISH would not bite unless OSUN asked them to do so. 

NO BIRD would SING, unless OSHUN was there to Hear their singing.

By this time BABA OLOFIN, was so filled with jealousy that HE lost his mind completely. 

On one very Dark day, so blinded and enraged He took OSHUN to the Peak of a very high mountain and threw Her to the abyss. 

OSHUN fell, and fell, and fell………but do not fear…….At the Foot of the cliff, there was a BIG RIVER which lead to a LAKE so immense that its shores couldn’t be seen. 

When OSHUN FELL, ALL THE WATERS PARTED, and ALL THE FISHES made a SOFT NET with their BODIES so she wouldn’t be hurt.  

They then took Her to the deepest part of the River to a cave where an Old Siren names OTOYAMA OLOKUN resided. 

OTOYAMA gave her refuge and told Her, you may stay here as long as you need to be. 

OLOFIN will never find you here.MY KINGDOM is YOUR KINGDOM.

OSHUN thanked her and soon was asleep. 

She was tired, she had just suffered a horrible scare. All the noises from the living creatures of the waters ceased so she could have a restful and peaceful sleep.  

Peace reigned in all the waters. OSHUN was safe, she had found a home!

OLOFIN had hardly finished throwing OSHUN off the cliff when MYBOYE asked in anguish what he had done with Her daughter. 

OLOFIN did not answer her, He was like an idiot, He couldn’t talk or remember what had happened. Like a mad person MBOYA ran to the forest in search of Her daughter, calling loudly OSHUN MI…….OSHUN MI…….

Have you ever heard the noise the winds makes in the trees deep in the forest?

Have you ever heard the noise inside a sea shell when you place it to your ear?
Have you ever heard the noise that a river makes when it comes to the villages?

YES!…..Well, it is the voice of MBOYA still searching for Her daughter.

NO MOTHER can ever stop searching for a lost child! NO MOTHER can ever rest until SHE FINDS her child!

It so happened that one day OLOFIN recovered his memory, He remembered what He had done.  

Overtaken with remorse, He wished with all his heart that OSHUN was alive, that HE had not listened to JEALOUSY.  

He wanted to find her. He wanted her forgiveness.

He asked the Sea, “Sea, Sea, have you seen my Daughter OSHUN?”

He asked the Earth, “Earth, have you seen my Daughter OSHUN?

And to the SEA, the RIVERS, the LAKES, the TREES, and ALL the BIRDS and ANIMALS, to EVERYONE, HE ASKED, ALL responded, “NO, NO, we have not seen her”.

GIVING UP hope of ever seeing Her again, OLOFIN locked Himself inside a CLOUD and CRIED. 

HE CRIED so much, that all of the EARTH was covered with HIS TEARS.  There was so much water coming from HEAVEN that very few survived.

Knowing of OSHUN’S NOBLE birth, OTOYAMA OLOKUN had kept Her well hidden where NO ONE could SEE Her, where NO ONE could Harm Her. 

She trusted only a CHAMELEON and a PARROT. They should keep a lookout in case OLOFIN decided to go to the bottom of the River.

So it happened that one day the WATERS from HEAVEN stopped. OLOFIN has stopped crying. 

AGGAYU SOLA came out and shone upon the EARTH. 

OSAIN came to EARTH and filled it with NEW PLANTS, TREES, FLOWERS, and everything which is of his domain. 

Everything was like it was before……

However OLOFIN never gave up looking for his daughter.  

HE kept hoping that some how OSUN survived and was alive. 

By truth and fairness absolutely no one knew of her whereabouts.

OOLOFIN decided to stay longer on EARTH and it so happened that one day He met a CHAMELEON and asked him, “CHAMELEON, have you seen my daughter?”

NOT wanting to meddle in what was not his affair, CHAMELEON said to HIM, “Most certainly it seems to me that in a RIVER, or LAKE, I think I have seen a beautiful girl, BUT I couldn’t tell you which RIVER, or which LAKE, or the girl’s name.

“Try to remember and I will reward you handsomely”

“WELL, the thing is that I walked and walked all over the EARTH, and I have a BAD memory. I can’t even remember what color my skin is…….

It was before so much water came down. 

I believe it was a RIVER at the foot of a large mountain nearby.

OLOFIN left, full of enthusiasm. He remembered the MOUNTAIN and the RIVER at the bottom of the cliff .

The CHAMELEON being so afraid of OLOFIN that He had betrayed OTOYAMA. 

so He called the PARROT and told Him, “Fly to the RIVER and warn OSHUN Her Father is looking for her”.

The PARROT flew to the RIVER, but OLOFIN got there first. He knelt by the RIVER SHORE and began to call OSHUN…..OSHUN…. please come to me”.

It was not long before She came out to the RIVER’S SHORE in quiring, “What is it you want from me good man?…….Why have you called me with such insistence?”

OLOFIN looked at Her, and for a while couldn’t speak.  The words wouldn’t come out His mouth.

OSHUN insisted, “Tell me, what it is you want”
OLOFIN embraced and hugged Her very gently while saying with Tears in His eyes: 


“In MY heart there is nothing but LOVE and UNDRSTANDING for you. 

SEARCH NO MORE, I am VERY HAPPY HERE. Any time you want to visit me, come to the RIVER’S WATER. THIS IS MY HOME”.

On this day the bad energy between DAUGHTER and FATHER was appeased and to speak for a very long time.  

They LAUGHED a little bit, they CRIED a little bit and at the End of the day, OLOFIN thanked OTOYAMA OLOKUN for taking such great care of OSUN and told Her to keep ALL the SECRETS, MYSTERIES and TREASURES of the SEAS. 

OSUN was given the same gifts and the DOMAIN over the RIVERS an LAKES of the WORLD.

It also happened that OLOFIN went back to HIS PALACE in the SKY where He had come many, many years before.

This is a Story that happened during the GOLDEN AGE, in the beginning of Creation during which Orisa were ascending and descending from HEAVEN to EARTH and actually live among the people. 

During such times Each ORISA left attributes and legacies and standards modeling behaviors and gifts.  

As you read through each of these many stories you will gain knowledge and understanding of their character, symbols etc. 

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