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Àbọrú, Àbọyè, Àbọsìsẹ— The Tope Alabi Saga

Àbọrú, Àbọyè, Àbọsìsẹ— The Tope Alabi Saga.

Many has been talking about these names mentioned by Tope Alabi which had drawn so much criticism. 

For those who do not know who these three names are all about. Here is what you need to know.

“Àbọrú, Àbọyè, Àbọsìsẹ:  Ọ̀rúnmìla's three important women 

In Odun Ifa Ògúndá Méjì, there is a story of Orunmila in desperate need to consult Olodumare, but it was difficult for him.

At the entrance of the house of Olodumare were three women. They are the Ìyàmi, who are daughters of Olodumare.

Orunmila knew he would have to get through the three Ìyàmis (women) to Olodumare and be well received.

So Orunmila consulted IFA and was told to make sacrifice in three calabash as gifts to the women. 

Orunmila did as advised and placed the sacrifice at the river where the women bathe. 

When the women saw the gifts, and discovered that they were brought by Orunmila, they were delighted and appreciative.

Because of Orunmila's generosity, when he came to see Olodumare, the three Ìyàmis (women)  gave him free passage and he concluded his mission successfully.

Seeing the great importance and spiritual power of these three women, Orunmila decided to ask their hands in marriage and they accepted.

Òrúnmìlà then gave the law that when anyone gets to the house of any Babalawo, before greet the Babalawo himself is greeted, the three important women must be greeted first by saying Àbọrú, Àbọyè, Àbọsìsẹ.”—Story culled from A Yòrubá Historical Book.

Tope Alabi using these words means she truly pay homage to Yoruba ancestral culture. 

She appreciates the fact that she is a Yoruba woman and I am proud of her. 

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