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After EGBE Orun initiation what next?

After EGBE Orun initiation what next? 

Initiation is not the end of EGBE Orun and as a matter of fact, It is the beginning of new Life. 

After initiation into EGBE Orun and after feeding your EGBE, the next thing is to explore. 

Since you have been away in the EGBE for a while, you might have forgotten how things are been done. Hence you need to explore. 

You need to know the days of every meetings so that you will not be fined. 

You need to know your rank and post, and to know if there is any task giving to you. 

You need to know the monthly or quarterly festivity that is been done in the EGBE. 

In fact I can list and list what you need to do after initiation. This is just the tip

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