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Agbẹ́gilére (Wood Carvers)

Agbẹ́gilére (Wood Carvers)

Wood carvings make up much of the indigenous art in museums and galleries around the world. As indicated by Làmídì Fákẹ́yẹ, the late renowned Yorùbá traditional wood carver (agbẹ́gilére),wood carvers are regarded as next in rank after blacksmiths.

Most of the religious art used as insignia and emblems of the 401 Yorùbá òrìṣà and their priests, priestesses, and adherents are wood carvings.

In addition, agbẹ́gilére also carve the household objects and utensils indispensable for Yorùbá people, which comprise of ìpọn (wooden spoons), àwo (wooden bowls of different sizes used for food containers), ọpọ́n (wooden trays of different sizes, some used for food containers and others for washing cloths and babies), and ọmọ
and ìyá-odó (mortars and pestles for pounding)

-Olawole Famule

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