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Early Life of Orisa OSUN and her Connection with Osogbo

Another ORIKI (Praise name) talks about OSUN life in Ancient YORUBALAND. 

She incarnated the beautiful daughter of Apenimo, the traditional founder of EGBE AJE.

OSUN was born and grew up in the Ancient Yoruba Village of IGEDE, seven miles west of the town of ADO EKITI. 

ADO EKITI is located in ONDO STATE, located in the Northwestern area of present day Nigeria, West Africa.

Although she grew up in the small town of IDEDE, OSUN settled and lived her adult life as IYALOODE of EKITI EFON. 

She was a highly respected and powerful woman of great valor and immense wealth. 

 The people loved her generosity, and clean habit. Upon her earthly departure, she transformed into the ODO ODUN, OSUN RIVER.

The sacred ODO OSUN attributes to her eternal divinity, rises in the eastern section of EKITI, and flows past the city of OSHOGBO, where her massive grove houses OSUN sanctuaries and ORISA shrines in honor of the GREAT ORISA OSUN.

After ORISA OSUN had carried out her destines in the world of primordial times, she left her most powerful natural forces as a tribute to Her eminence OMI TU TU, the COOL SWEET FRESH WATERS of the world.  

Oshogbo State, Nigeria, West Africa preserves an enormous shrine THE GREAT MOTHER OF THE WORLD YE YE OSUN. 

Today, the city of Oshogbo remains famous renown artists, brilliant cloth weavers and dyers. 

But most of all, OSHOGBO is known for its annual July – August FESTIVAL honoring the vibrant ORISA YE YE OSUN, on the banks of the ODO OSUN.

 The History of OSHOGBO is of paramount importance to OL’ORISA and OMO OSUN especially, because it is internationally acknowledged as OSUN’S HOLY CITY.

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