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Ewo Irawo Ina (Fire elements star taboo)

Ewo Irawo Ina (Fire elements star taboo) 

Any one born of this star (Irawo Ina) must not do the following taboo because it is against their star. 

Doing it may cause them a lot of Harm. 

They must not be in competition with anyone, this means they must be at their own pace without rushing them self. 

They must not have eye covetousness to anything except their own. This is very dangerous for them. 

Be it male or female, they must get married quickly before they clock 35-40 years of age because this is known to be the peak of their star after which it will burnt down or goes off . At this stage, many would think it is the work of the evil ones but it is not. It's their star. 

They should be patient in all they do. Many ladies who has this star want to go control their husband. 

They must not trust anyone easily. 

They must not smoke or drink alcohol or any harmful substances. 

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