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How does ORISA OSUN teaches Self Love

How does ORISA OSUN teaches Self Love

Self-love, in the context of Orisa Osun, involves accepting oneself wholeheartedly and recognizing one's inherent worth and value. It encourages individuals to prioritize their own needs, desires, and dreams, without guilt or self-doubt. Orisa Osun teaches that self-love is not selfish, but rather an essential foundation for personal growth, happiness, and healthy relationships.
To cultivate self-love, devotees of Orisa Osun engage in various rituals and practices. They may create personal altars dedicated to Orisa Osun, adorned with symbols of beauty and self-care. They offer prayers and invocations, seeking her guidance and blessings in nurturing self-love. Some may choose to incorporate self-care activities, such as bathing with aromatic herbs or oils, as a way to connect with Orisa Osun's energy and honor their own well-being.

Orisa Osun also reminds individuals to embrace their sensuality and sexuality as natural aspects of their being. By acknowledging and respecting their own desires and boundaries, individuals can foster a healthy and positive relationship with their own bodies and experiences. Through this acceptance, Orisa Osun teaches that self-love can extend to all aspects of one's life, promoting confidence, joy, and fulfillment.

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