Inititation helps to reinforce balanced transformation towards us being in alignment with our destiny. 

Initiation helps to realign our Ori and head with our true destiny and purpose. 

To those who are devoteed to the teachings of Ifa, they understand that initiation is a normal part of the experience. 

One may need initiation, to obtain the spiritual support needed to reach their potential in life, One may need initiation to open that part of the Ori (head) that will unlock the individuals hidden talent and skills, one may need initiations to overcome health challenges and
attacks by spiritual and physical enemies. Whatever the case maybe. 

Initiation is a spiritual awakening of the inner head (ori inu). In its physical representation, the Ori experinces many blessings such as. Awarness, a since of direction in life, protection, happiness, patience, and humility...

   It is advisable for families to support there children to be intiated it could save there life and ensure longevity and good health.  It can prevent issues that do not have to be experienced. 

If children are intiaited from a young age this helps to guide them to their right path in life. They will have a better chance to overcome difficulties and prevent all negative influences from impacting their life. 

         Ìfa is the way to life and comfort with great happiness and prosperity......

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