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IFA's Citation on why ORISA OSUN is referred to as OLOMOWEWE

ORUNMILA was the first ORISA to marry OSUN. An ESE of IFA

O   O
O   O

Ogunda’Se says that during their marriage, ORUNMILA bestowed upon her 16 COWRIES as a WEDDING GIFT which her PRIESTS and others use even to this to communicate with the heavens on behalf of their constituency.  

Being married to ORUNMILA also enabled the beautiful ORISA to be worshiped on the same day as her FIRST HUSBAND ORUNMILA. 

This is the reason why OSUN is VENERATED on the same day in conjunction with ORUNMILA’S sacred day of worship.  

Unfortunately during her first marriage, OSUN did not became pregnant. 

In AFRICAN TRADITIONS and CULTURE this is most distressing because children are a priority in marriage.

Despondent over her situation, she wanted her husband to have children and so she decided to allow him that right. 

She reluctantly left ORUNMILA and nine months later, met and later married  her second husband SANGO AYILEDGE ORUN. 

Their personalities hit it right off and they were very happy as husband and wife. 

However, their legendary love and adoration for each other could not remedy OSUN’S inability to conceive children from her new husband, Sango Ayiledge Orun.

 In desperation they both performed all kinds of SPIRITUAL RITUALS, all to no avail! 

Since they could not remove the obstacles through ritual OSUN did not give up. 

She talked it over with Sango and they both agreed that she would gather ‘TWO and add it to three’ and, go back to her first husband, ORUNMILA and let him consult IFA on her behalf to ascertain the depths of what was going on.

When OSUN got to ORUNMILA’S house, He was very happy to see her and proceeded immediately to consult IFA.

 A portion of the ESE is as follows

O   O
O    O
xx O

Olakaka fi apo ro

A dida fun Aridgebe

Ti i Se Omo tuntun

Ti Osun wa be Orunmila

It Ifa so fun Osun pe

Ko le da Omo tie bi

Olodumare yoo da oo Omo weer

Si agbaye fun opolopo agin

Osun wa n ke pe

Bi ori kan sunwon

A ran igba ori

Ki ori Olosunwon ko ran oun

Osun kaa sa bimo si aye

Ori Olosunwon yoo ran Osun

A troubled one hangs her belongings Ifa cast on behalf of Aridedge (Sango) Who was the son of ESEMOWE (Sango’s mother) The one who gave lots of BRASS BRACELETS to children to calm them. 

Is unable to conceive her own children by her own efforts, OLODUMARE will bring forth many children from her womb OSUN proclaimed that if one’s character is not good, it will transmit over to others for the head that is good will transcend to others.  

OSUN will not die without having given birth to the world. 


ORUNMILA assured OSUN that this episode of not having a child would soon come to an end its remedy rested indeed in the palace of ORUN (Heaven). 

Her original roots begin in heaven and She would have to travel to heaven to seek out her cure. 

Her barrenness would turn into fertility, and OLODUMARE will open doors for children to come into world. 

He advised OSUN to gather the times he told her and he would offer a special sacrifice, OSUN did as directed and afterwards, ORUNMILA performed a special ritual on OSUN and prepared her for the next stage of the ritual.

The next thing OSUN knew, she was in the heavens listening to the voice of OLODUMARE, who asked her what had caused her to be there. 

OSUN remained speechless and OLODUMARE told her to relax and calm herself. 

After offering her a seat, He began to talk about how her other colleagues had also come to heaven to ask for similar things and the ‘CHILDREN’ of HEAVEN would run away from them for no apparent reason. 

Then OLODUMARE opened the door to where the children were. It was a most beautiful children running and down like locust. 

When the children saw OSUN, they ran towards her and she put a secret something into each of their hands.  

As soon as she began to taste it, more and more children gathered around her. She continued to give them the mysterious substance as they followed her to the junction between heaven and earth.  

Once the children arrived at this point, they stopped abruptly. 

OSUN gave the children the remaining goodies from the pot atop her head and came on back to the world.

Upon her arrival, she noticed that the children had disappeared and started to cry. 

She broke down in tears and told ORUNMILA about what she had experienced in her beautiful dream.

ORUNMILA advised OSUN not to cry anymore and CONGRATULATED her. He told her that she was pregnant and would deliver soon. 

When OSUN became three months pregnant her body changed and many barren women also became pregnant. 

When the pregnancy blossomed at nine months nothing could hold back the NEWBORNS that came into the world. 

OSUN used her secrets to cool the fevers of her children. OLRUNMILA commanded the women to preform sacrifice on behalf of their CHILDREN and also to OSUN to show their GRADITUDE. 

As one performs the atonement, the following should be song:

E ba wa ki

YeYe O!

A fi ide re Omo

E ba wa ki YeYe O?

A fi ide re Omo

YeYe O!

A fi ide re Omo.

Greetings to the
Great Mother
One who uses Brass to calm a child?
Greetings to the
Great Mother
One who uses Brass to calm a baby.
Great Mother,
the one who uses Brass to calm a child…

This is how OSUN is venerated in YORUBALAND! 

OSUN healed the fevers of ALL the CHILDREN and they experienced NO other difficulties from that time. 

OSUN then became the IRUMALE  ‘OLOMOWEWE’ of the WORLD.

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