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Importance of IFA initiation


 —- What Is  Ìfa Initiation?
This is a rites of passage into a group or secret society with ritual. Intiation is a major life changing step for an individual  to take in the traditional system of Ìfa..

Through Ifá Initiation ( Itefa ) we will know the Odu that gives birth to us on earth and through "its orientations, sacrifices, medicines, taboo, behaviours etc. That we must put into practice" and in this way we will give a turn in positive sense to our life.

Itefa is about becoming a changed person both in character and wisdom. Lack of positive character transformation after the initiation process on the part of the initiate who has undergone Itefa is deemed to be a character transformation failure.

After Ifá initiation Odu Ifá teaches us that an initiate should re-initiate him/herself by cultivating good habits; he or she should try to seek knowledge, be more prudent and thoughtful than ever. 

  Ifá initiation is meant to bring comfort to the initiate, not hardship, so an Ifá initiate must learn how to avoid all taboo and social vices. That is when the initiate can be said to have a spiritual rebirth or as re-initiate himself or herself in terms of character and values.

Allows one to discover one’s real identity e.g you will know your taboo, what is compatible with your destiny, what colours or food is not good for your star, the kind of women or man suitable for marriage etc.

 Having your personal Ifá provides spiritual guidance and protection.IFA initiation gives the initiate the spiritual blueprint of his life. For example, it allows them to ascertain compatible profession or career for them, it given them ability to know how the future will look like, it serve as guiding compass on how to achieve their goal in life.​ 

Ifá may demand during divination that some people be initiated to get through difficulties within their life. This is why regular divination is important. It brings direct connection to Orunmila and Olodumare, It serves as a compass to steer through the ocean called life. It reveals to us the importance of our taboo (eewo) a contract we made with heaven that we will not break certain oaths that can cause harm to ourselves,community and environment.

Initiation is a step towards coming into yourself, understanding your purpose in life.


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