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Irawo Ina (Characteristics of Fire elements star)

Irawo Ina (Characteristics of Fire elements star) 

If you are born under this star, this is their known character. 

They are always powerful people, either political or society power . They are always in power. 

They are humble and easy to mingle with

They give a lots, 

They don't know how to spend 

Some of them love jewelries and Gold

They get angry easily 

They are always adamant and not listening to correction. 

They trust easily and that is why they got betrayed easily. 

They don't usually have friends but they have a lot of enemies because they are always successful..

They are talented .

When they speak in anger, it comes to pass. 

They don't always have children, and if they have children they don't have much children. 

They are adulterous and they fornicate a lots. 

They smoke a lots and drinks a lots

They know how to cook a lot. 

They have a lots of confidence. 

They don't have patience at all

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