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Oriki’s are prayers of praises in Yoruba that petition Obatala’s blessings. Here you will find also translations.

Obanlu o rin n eru oji kutu seru

Oba nile Ifon alabalase oba patapata n’ ile iranje

O yo ke lekele at mi l’ ore

O gba a giri l’owo osika

O fi l’emi asoto l’owo

Oba Igbo oluwaiye re e o ke bi owu la
Oyi ala

Osun l’ala ofi koko ala rumo

Oba Igbo



Chief of the white cloth never fears the coming of death.

Father of heaven for ever rule for all generations

Gently dissolve the burden of my friends

Give me the power to manifest abundance

Expose the mystery of abundance

Father of the sacred grove, owner of all blessings increase my wisdom

So that I become like the white cloth
Protector of white cloth, I salute you

Father of the sacred grove

So be it!

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