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Orin Ifá/Song of Ifá

Orin Ifá/Song of Ifá 

Ẹgbẹ Ònífá ẹ mọ́ bẹrù

Àwá ti bẹ̀yín pé kí ẹ mọ fòyà

Irọ́ ni wọn n pá

Èké ni wọn ń se

Ṣebí Ifá la mú bẹrẹ ayé

Ifá ni yóó kẹhìn o.

Traditional worshippers should not fear

We urging you not to afraid

They (foreign religions) are lying

They are hypocrites

Ifá is the foundation of the Universe

It is Ifá that will end it.

Abọru abọye o!

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