Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ORISA AJE (the truth and explanation)

Orisa AJE 

Many people have written a lot about AJE and so many have been said about AJE. 

AJE is the currency of the spiritual world. 

Some myths about AJE said she is the Treasurer of the spiritual worlds, that AJE helps all the ORISA to keep their wealth. 

Whether the myths is true or not, it correspond with my definition of AJE as the currency of the spiritual realm. 

Some myths also said AJE is the daughter of OLOKUN. To clear this myth, OloKun has the largest share of AJE (spiritual currency) that is why AJE is always attributed as AJE OLOKUN. 

OLOKUN Is a disciplinary person, I called him Brother anytime I was opportune to be with him, Many people are scared of him because they could not meet up with his standard unlike OSUN who more lineal in judgement. 

Every ÔRISÂ has AJE, since it's their currency but the ORISAs did not have AJE equally. 

This means no matter the ORISA of your choice, the ORISA would still bless his/her children with AJE that would be enough for their livelihood. 

The ORISA with the Most common sources of AJE are the following. These are the ORISA people called upon for triple wealth. 

OGUN (clear any hindrance that would not make AJE to work, )There are different types / attributes of Ogun
ESU (the messenger and the bringer of justice) 

When worshipping AJE, you have to worship this Orisa too

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