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ORISA OSUN sacred objects

Orisa Osun sacred objects

These objects are considered vessels or conduits through which the energy and blessings of Orisa Osun can be accessed and honored. 

Adé (Crown): The crown is a symbol of authority and power, and it represents the divine kingship and queenship of Orisa Osun. Adé is adorned with intricate designs and often embellished with beads, cowrie shells, and other ornamental elements.

Opa Osun (Osun Staff): The Osun staff is a sacred object representing the connection between Orisa Osun and the devotee. It is a long, decorated staff usually made of wood, featuring carvings, beads, and metal accents. The Opa Osun is used during rituals and ceremonies to invoke the presence and blessings of Orisa Osun.

Irukere (Fly-whisk): The irukere is a fan or fly-whisk made from horsehair, feathers, or other materials. It is used in Orisa Osun's rituals to symbolize her regal presence and to honor her as a deity of royalty and elegance.

Ose Sango (Sango Stone): Sango stones are stones believed to hold the energy and power of Orisa Sango, another prominent Yoruba deity. In some traditions, these stones are also associated with Orisa Osun and are used during her rituals to connect with her spiritual essence.

Opon Ifa (Divination Tray): The Opon Ifa is a divination tray used in the practice of Ifa divination, a system of divination deeply intertwined with Yoruba spirituality. 

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