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The orthodox Ango know YEYE OSUN according to her AFRICAN legacy, she is IYA IJUMU, IYEYE NI I IMO (Mother of Ijumu, Great Mother of Knowledge) OSUN NI OLU AGAJA, (The Great Chief who bestows knowledge) AWURA (The Secret essence of GOLD.

Other ESE (verse) of IFA ODU, OSE’TURA give the circumstances of Her Sacred Birth, and the Struggles she had to overcome in learning about her own destiny. 

Her life experience set forth in this ODU established the mandate that also governs the lives of HER genetic descendants who automatically inherit this BIRTHRIGHT, and ‘MARK’ their destines as well

The ancient BABALLAWOS indicate that when OSUN was in the WORLD, she resided close to fist. In describing HER, the AWOS also say, ‘DE, DE, DE’  which means that OSUN adorned herself in the most elegant ‘ASHO FUNFUN’ (white cloth) and wore many BRASS Bracelets on BOTH her RIGHT and LEFT arms. 

The OSUN PRIESTS of YORUBALAND also wear BRIGHT RED CORAL BRACELETS on their risks. This is how OSUN made her presence on EARTH.

Also, in YORUBALAND, OSUN is known to be partial to the following items of which find themselves in the OSUN SHRINE.

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