Monday, June 12, 2023

Orisa responsible for People's Character

OBATALA is responsible for People's Character 

When said that OBATALA does not use witchcraft, that ELEGBA is his witchcraft, it is meant, that ESU, ELEGBA, brings to manifestation the CHOICES available in each situation that arises in ones life. 

BUT  it is OBATALA who brings forth the POWER of WISDOM, REASON, and ETHICS. 

It is OUR IWA, character that stands up and chooses our course of action. 

One here is reminded to be responsible for the choices we allow our character to make. 

When we plant the seed of BAD, do not be SUPRISED when to see unfavorable consequences manifest.

 IFA teaches one to always put IWA PELE, good character first. 

IF one refuses to apply Iwa-Pele, it NOW becomes the responsibility of ESU, ELEGBA to step in and affix them, BECAUSE it is ESU, ELEGBA who is the KING of CHOICE and He OPENS or CLOSES the doors after WE have made our CHOICES. 

Good choice, good consequence. Bad choice bad consequence. OUR CHOICES!

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