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Prayer for wealth from EjiOgbe




Oji ni kutukutu mokun ola dani

Olomo siju pee wole Aye loruko IFA

Eni ti o ba siju rere re wo nii lowo

IFA kio siju rere re woo mi ki nlowo…


He who robes the child to befit the child
He who robes the child with the utmost of care

The one who wakes early in the morning, holding the robes of prosperity

The one who looks after the Earth is the name of IFA

Whoever you look to with your eye of compassion is blessed with prosperity

IFA, please look at me with compassion and let me be blessed with riches…

IFA, please look at us with your compassion and let us be blessed with riches! Ase Ase Ase O!

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