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Qualities of a good IFA priest

To be a great priest in Yorùbá spirituality, you must be truthful and Honest:

S'òtító s'òtító 
S'òdodo S'òdodo 
Ení bá s'òtító n'imolè ó gbè

Be truthful 
Be honest 
Only those who are truthful will be favored by the Imole.

You also need to be patient because :

Ìrin baba wa, ìrìn Èrà ni 
Ení bá lè gbá t'Érà
Ló lè gbá t'Èdú
Ìrin baba wa, ìrìn Èrà ni 

Our father movement is like that of an ant
Whoever can walk with an ant without haste
Can move move with Òrúnmìlà 
Our father's movement is like that of an ant.

And you also need to possess the act of Ìwà Pèlé. 

Lastly you must be willing to continue learning for the rest of your life because Ifa is unfathomable, it has no end.  A good Babalawo will learn everyday both from elders and younger ones.

Knowledge of Ifa has nothing to do with age, you seek it, you will surely receive it regardless of your age.

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