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Similarities between ORISA (Orisha) OSUN (oshun) and YEMOJA (Yemaya)

Similarities between ORISA (Orisha) OSUN (oshun) and YEMOJA (Yemaya)

I know there is a lot of misconception about this too great orisha and sometimes their worshippers doesn't even know the differences between OSUN and YEMOJA. 

Before I write another article on their differences, let is first of all talk about their similarities. 

Their similarities is what make most people think they are the same thing, some even thought it's one orisha with many names. But the truth is that they are different. 

Their similarities are. 

They are both water ÔRISÂ. They relate to water elements and live in water. 

They are both reference as Female: one is a reference as Mother Nature (YEMOJA) while the other was a woman turn to Orisha. 

They are both Related to AJE and gives AJE (wealth and prosperity to their daughters and sons). 

They both give Children to the barren and Infertile. 

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