Friday, June 2, 2023

Simple explanation on how Money rituals Bring wealth (AJE)

How does Money Ritual Affects AJE 

Those who involve in Money ritual are trying to buy AJE from the spiritual black market to boost their physical business and transactions.

 Those in Money rituals needed someone to represent them in the spiritual world, hence the reason for Sacrificing human beings. 

The person being Sacrifice would work as a slave to the ORISA who is responsible for the Ritual. 

They work tirelessly and get paid in AJE, (Find out the meaning of AJE here) which they in turns give to the ritualist or the person that sacrifice them. 

There is an exchange trade by barter system in the spiritual realm where they trade AJE for currency. The sacrificial person that has been used by a ritualist to work in the spiritual real as a slave would therefore Go to the exchange centre to trade AJE for currency before taking it to its master. 

 Don't forget that I said the ORISA are the ones who introduce barter system to human beings. Have said it earlier in one of my articles. 

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  1. I never thought of this. But can it be possible as you said?