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The kind of Job Irawo Afefe must not do

The kind of Job Irawo Afefe must not do

We have listed the kind of job Irawo afefe can do In one of our post. But here we are going to tell you the work any Irawo afefe must never do because it is a taboo to his Ori. 

The kind of Job Irawo Afefe must not do is any Job that involve blood. Either dripping your hands in blood or close to touching blood. Any Irawo Afefe must not do it. 

E.g doing surgery to someone, Irawo afefe can't not do that and must not do it. Even though Irawo afefe can be a doctor but when it come to blood, Irawo afefe must not be involved. 

Animal Butcher or Slaughter.. This Job involve killing of animals and also deals with blood. Irawo afefe must not do it. 

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