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JORDAN Talking about rivers in Ijebu land and Ogun state as a whole, Yemoji river, located in Ijebu Ode under Ijebu Ode local government, after Imagbon, along Epe-Ijebu Ode road is a special one. 

History made us believe that this river forbids a particular type of yam called 'ESURU', It's a taboo for anyone who eats this type of yam a day before and who knows about the taboo to enter the river, if such happens, it is the believe that mysterious snakes will get hold of the person in the river till necessary appellation is done before the victim is released. Ijebu Rewa crew, speaking with Mr Taiwo Adigboluja, the tourist attendant told us the origin of Yemoji river. 

 Yemoji river originated from a village called 'ILONA' beside Ilese after a woman who is a sojourner alighted at Ilona to ask for water before she continue her journey. 

No one was able to provide her water till the third house and she ask the villagers what went wrong and she was told the village had been suffering due to lack of water. 

On that same spot she prayed for them that water will never be their problem and on that same spot she turned to a spring of water which served as a source of water for the village and as well flowed through some other town which is part of where Yemoji river is today. In 1891- 1892 , a war broke out between the White colonists and Ijebu people called 'OGUN DANASUNGBO ( Burn the bush). 

Ijebu people faced the colonists who were with Sophisticated weapons with local weapons and Ijebu people were overpowered. Later on, the colonist carved a place out for relaxation and fun. It is that same relaxation spot that turned YEMOJI NATURAL POOL. 

 He added that this same river serves as the route for Ijebu market men and women to transport their market product to Lagos. They pass through this river to Ejinrin, near Epe. 

The river is being visited by people from far and near as to the belief that when you pray with the water any of your misfortune, problems will come to an end. 

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