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YORUBA COMMUNAL Secrets Society 

The creation of EGBE or Specific Secret Societies are integral parts of Yoruba Communal Functioning.  They are as follows:

1. OGBONI / OSUGBO SOCIETY who reflect the balancing of MALE and FEMALE forces in Human Construct and Universal design.  The OGBONI are headed by ELDERS who revere the EARTH MOTHER and strive to PROTECT and UPHOLD her PURITY. These ELDERS are set to carry on the TRADITIONS of the ANCESTORS. They also pass JUDGMENT on those who DEFY the TRADITIONAL LAWS. MEMBERS are initiated into the Society.

2. EGUNGUN SOCIETY is DEVOTED to the EARTH, BUT more so with the DECEASED who are buried in it.  Those of the EGUNGUN SOCIETY are MEDIUMS who have the ability to possess the SPIRIT of those DEPARTED. They then communicate the desires and last messages to the family. The EGUNGUN are known for their enormous MASKS and RAFFIA DRESS with attached CLOTH covering their entire body.

3. GELEDE SOCIETY are devoted to Their function is to bring about HARMONIOUS RECONCILIATION between HUMANS and the WITCHES the AJE. The GELEDE CULT wear MASKS with TRIBAL MARKINGS and DRESS in Padded clothing, representing the FULLNESS of YEMOJA. They invoke the WITCHES and SACRIFICE to them in order to neutralize their powerful negativity and destructive potential.

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