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Advantages and Disadvantages of EGBE Orun Asipa

Disadvantages of EGBE Orun Asipa

The major disadvantage of members of Egbe Asipa is Amnesia (loss of memory) they tend to loss their memory whether temporary or for long periods.

Members of Egbe Asipa don't usually lose their memory, buts loss of memory occurs with them when their Egbe needs their attention either by propitiation or initiation but they neglect their Egbe. 

Their loss of memory do manifest in the form of; forgetting the faces of people they know; forgetting where they keep items etc. 

One major weakness of members of this Asipa class of Egbe is that they like to cause fights between persons of their age group and friends. 

But observation over the years in Yoruba cosmology has proven that members of Asipa class of Egbe are good secret-keepers.

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