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Characteristics of EGBE Orun Jagun

Characteristics of EGBE Orun Jagun

Let me quickly explain some attributes of Jagunjagun children. 

They are peculiar in that their characters can only be known when they are growing up.

When they are growing up they like to play with metal objects, wooden guns, and toy gun and knifes. 

Both their male and female try to behave like men in terms of characters.

In terms of their temper they are usually hot- and quick-tempered. 

They easily get angry for little things.

Their hobby is wrestling and boxing.

They hate to tell lies, because they are very brave.

Even though they are quick to anger, their anger does not last long.

They are very principled.

But they tend to be sexually promiscuous.

They take good care of their clothes. They are very neat.

Their choice of occupation is usually soldier, police, any military or paramilitary job.

Some of them like boxing or sports.

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