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EGBE Orun Favourite Food

EGBE Orun Favourite Food

These are the food you will eat once a while if you are initiated into EGBE Orun. 

These are food which are also parts of your EGBE Orun didi

Aadun :Aadun is prepare from fried dry maize. 

The maize will be ground to powder form salt will be added to it.if this powder is take ordinary it is called Ekute, if palm oil is mix with it is called Aadun.

 -Asaro:this is yam porridge. 
Yam porridge is prepare by cooking yam and mix it with palm oil and other cooking spices. -

Ekuru Funfun :

Ekuru is prepared with beans, grinded into paste and cook. It normally eat with stew but the one to be used for Egbe will be ordinary white. -

Iyan(pounded Yam) 

Amala (Yam flour) -

Adalu (cook bean)

 Akara (local bean cake) -

Esunsu(roasted Yam) 

moinmoin (this is same things like ekuru I explained above with different that palm oil and pepper is added to grinded soak beans before cooking)

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