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EGBE Orun Iyalode more details

EGBE Orun Iyalode more details


The Iyalode group of Egbe is regarded as the most prominent class of Egbe in Yoruba cosmology. 

Grouping or classification of Egbe is usually done in relation to the way they behave and natural ability of each individual. 

People in Iyalode group of Egbe are usually people with charismatic or leadership traits. 

Iyalode is usually a name given to a leader of a group of women or club or association of women in Yoruba land. 

So based on this connotation many Ifà and Orisa devotees believe that people belong to Egbe Iyalode are usually women. 

But this is far from truth. Both male and female can belong to Iyalode group of Egbe, and they can all be called Iyalode, whether they are male or female. 

The head of Egbe on earth is known as Iyalode, while her counterpart in heaven is known as Janjasa. 

Janjasa is an alternative name for Iyalode

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