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Order comes from chaos and justice is often reached by fighting against injustice. 

Èṣù, the owner of basic principles of peace and harmony, makes and manages order, discipline and organization as opposed to disharmony, disorder and confusion. 

Èṣù trains, discipline, he demands order and organization and at the same time he is the source of courage and power to which we turn to.

 For the devotees of Orisa Èṣù is understood as the most powerful one, because he is omnipresent in each and everyday's life situation.

He is the middle man between people and Òrìṣà and between Òrìṣà themselves as well, because without his àṣẹ no success can exist in living's life. 

Thus, even àṣẹ of other Òrìṣà cannot be fulfilled without the Àṣẹ of Èṣù. 

Beside the fact that he runs and manages Àṣẹ of all ÒRÌṢÀ.

 Èṣù is also present in peoples’ everyday life. He is the one people find additional strength in. 

Èṣù is mighty, powerful, benevolent, magnanimous and fearsome. 

Mighty, because he is present in everything and everyone, because he brings to his devotees the Àṣẹ that makes them invincible; benevolent, because he leads the human to success and wealth and because he protects him from injustice; magnanimous, because he shares with the human everything that he is capable of; fearsome, because he can join all the existing forces and has the power to realize anything he wants whenever he wants. Patience is a virtue that is obligatory for every devotee of Èṣù to adapt.

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