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General Oriki of EGBE Orun

General Oriki of EGBE Orun 

This is the ORIki they used when appeasing the head. 

Egbe oga ogo 

Alabelenu a n sasi 

Atelesin tele A po Jojo bi erupe Borokini ode 

Orun ti ki je ki ti aye o te Nitori lagbaja omo lagbaja

Ni a se pe yin E wa je ki o sese 


Heavenly friends the great ones 

You the umbrella under wish people seek solace 

You draw the affluent people to your path 

You are plenty like sand 

The heavenly friends  who prevent disgrace of his counterpart on earth.

 We invoke you because of (Babalawo will then mentioned the name of the client and her mother) 

Let everything done for this person be effective

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