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How to Identify Witches (Iyaami AJE)

In ancient times the committed and devoted Aje (witches,) do make them self known in public by tying 3 cowries around her left ankle.  

But in modern times it is much more difficult for identifying the (iyami) within society again hence it difficult to know who possess this energy as some people who possess this energy have channeled it into other religions institutions either in form of a prophetess or seers etc. 

 But through metaphysical power, one can identify any women that posses the power of iyaami aje (the witches).

Many women who possess this energy do present as very nice gentle person to hide the real identity . 

But one thing is common about the women who posses iyami energy, they talk alot and have sharp memory of any wrong done to them. 

They don’t forget such and can keep on reminding you even after you have seek their forgiveness. 

So your close friends, even wife or daughter may posses this iyaami energy without you knowing it. 

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