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Myth / Stories/ History of Iyaami AJE / eleye

Myth / Stories/ History of Iyaami AJE / eleye

A legend of Òsá Méjì says that when all creatures and deities descended on Earth, Ìyáàmi couldn't go because she was completely naked.

She asked everyone for help, but no one listened to her, until she saw Orúnmìlà who knows her benevolent character asked him to help her down. 

Orúnmìlà asked: How will you go down naked like this?

She replied, it will be easy, because if you let me I will come in and nobody will see me.

Òrúnmìlà agreed and when they reached the continent, Òrúnmìlà asked her to leave, but she refused to go. 

Orúnmìlà said to her, Ah, you're going to starve and she answered, you know what?

No, I'm going to eat you inside out. 

Orùnmilà was scared and did a dafa and seeing the odu, made the necessary sacrifices, and made the offering to Ìyáàmi to leave. 

When she smelled the sacrifice, she ate it, and Òrúnmìlà fled the place. 

Then the power of Ìyáàmi was established on Earth.

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