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ODU Oturupon Osa

Oturupon Osa: 

On this, Ifa says:
Osiko o to ogbika
Ogbika o to osika
Aroo gun won lobe
Epon  n sa o
Dia fun Orunmila
Ti yoo fowo irukere le gbogbo omo re lowo
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gb’ebo, o ru’bo 
Owo irukere lawa n see la nile wa o
Owo irukere


A wicked person is not as dangerous as a supporter of wickedness
And a supporter of wickedness is not as dangerous as a wicked person
A cripple stabbed them 
And Epon is running helter skelter
Ifa’s message for Orunmila
Who will hand over the business of using the ox tails to all his children
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied
It is the business of using ox tail that we do to succeed in our home

This ese Ifa comes from the Odu of Oturupon Osa. I want to direct your attention to the first few lines of the verse. It speaks firmly to the facts that those who are supporters of evil are more than likely more egregious, than the evildoer themselves.

Simply because the evildoer cannot go about his business in the community, 'if this is where the harm is being perpetrated',without those who support them.

Whether this is on social media as Facebook or any other social media or actually in the community where we are paying our dollars to educational forums on our religious traditions,  for our worshipers; if we know they are bringing harm in the community, it is still our responsibility to disagree and not become the crowd gatekeepers.

These bad behaviours, by people who are trusted  previously, to do the right thing  in our community, and in their families, and in the lives of those who they come in contact, will have an impact for years to come.

So, we must learn to recognize and identify those salient issues before we put are 'like signs' or support them with our dollars. We also must learn to critically examine and think before we raised our fists in the air as to say this person is wrong or this person is Right, ase baba or yeye. It may be uncomfortable to use our voice in dignity but bit by bit we must look at the real back story and trust our innate instincts.

If it walk like a duck, quack like a duck,  look like a duck,  it's a duck. Stop allowing the culture of rollover and be the footstool to fools just because they sound good, look good and their game is good. We should expect our people our elders and those who represent the highest good of our tradition to be just that whether we are looking at them in their face or they're in the privacy of their homes Olodumare is looking at them. And this they actually shouldn't know. Nor should we allow ourselves to be politely put in our place by-words which actually mean we got this shut up and sit down when in fact you don't have this because you're not looking at the spiritual and metaphysical impact that is taking place behind the scenes. Our world is not a Christian nor and Islamic world where the rules can be polite and nice. Our religious, cultural world has witches, and wizards, sorcery, medicines made with herbs and chants and more. This. we should better start remembering that issue.

Patriarchal firmness and the need to rescue are different and distinct images and behaviors. Matriarchal looks of nurturing and strength is different when you get back to the room when nobody's looking. We have to think critically and use the God given gifts of discernment.

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