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Origin of emere

Origin of emere 

Origin of Emere started when some children display extra terrestrial powers at a very tender age. 

They became more intelligent and more insightful than their parents. Hence the Yoruba coined the word Emere. 

In those days Emere are also referred to girls who said things that later come to pass. 

Emere are those girls who is believed to die at a very young age and then still come back again to hunt their parents. 

Those are the origins of Emere according to a particular Yoruba beliefs. 

Inmost cases Emere are born when their parents are in the quest for a child and they don't care of they born a child today and later die tomorrow. 

Sometimes they are born when sent by evil people to drain the parents of everything. 

Today, Emere have evolved from those childish behavior, they want to live and enjoy life like normal people and they have contributed to the growth of the country. 

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  1. Bro Which emere have you seen that contributed to the growth of the country. Kilode

    1. Have you seen emere that acknowledges the fact that she is emere and still poor?