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Oriki EGBE Orun Eleriko / ELEEKO

Oriki EGBE Orun Eleriko / ELEEKO

Oriki of Egbe Eleeko to reveal some of what they do. 

Eleeko owonwonwon 

A re omo leyin are fun omo tie 

Obasa ti ba eke ninu je 

O ba alaseju fara finra 

Bi o ba n looks Ile onile Dakin mon ya nile mi 

Sugbon ti o ba ti Oko ole bo Ile mi lokankan

 Ile Odede mi ni ki o tete ya osan lo n tosi Ti o ba dale ni o di olowo 


Eleeko owonwonwon 

You who take children from others and give them to your devotee. 

One who make dubious person to be bankrupt One who curb the immoderate one 

Whenever you are going on stealing mission 

Please do not come to my house But on your return from stealing trip Make my home your pathway 

My house is the place you need to enter quickly.

You look poor during broad day light But you become rich once it is dark.

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