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Oriki EGBE Orun Jagun

Oriki EGBE Orun Jagun

Let me quickly make allusion to some of the praises of Egbe Jagunjagun: 

Jagun okin Iku arogun ma tidi 

Omo eru ofa Jagun ni wi fun alejo Pe ko rorin 

Aleejo to ko ba rorin koni muko lodede jagun 

E ma je ki jagun o mo ibi alo 

Bi agoro ogun ba mon ibi a n re Ohun nikan ni yo o mu otin mu tan. 


Jagun the king of bird the offspring of Eru Ofa

 It is you that instruct your guest to brush his teeth 

Any guest who did not brush his teeth will not be served food in Jagun compound 

Don't let Jagun known where about If Jagun know the direction we are heading he alone will drink all the wine available. 

From the extract of Oriki Egbe Jagunjagun above it can be deduced that they have a domineering character, they are disciplined and principled.

 In most cases the children of Jagunjagun have great knowledge of herbs. In terms of body physics they are usually physically strong some time very muscular.

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