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Symbols of Esu

The symbols of Èṣù are Agogo – a musical; instrument that is used in cults of different divinities.

Àtẹ Èṣù – a sieve made of straw, covered in red leather. It is used for carrying of offerings for Èṣù. The devotees use it for bathing or drinking.

Clay or loam – symbolize soil, the source. In ancient times they used them instead of money; this is why they also represent prosperity, bloom and well-being in material as well as economical sense.

Ère Èṣù – the image of Èṣù made of clay or wood of holy trees, such as Ìrókò for example.

Ìlẹ̀kẹ̀ Èṣù – a necklace made of red and black bids.

Ìrùkẹ̀rẹ̀ – ìrùkẹ̀rẹ̀. Artistically processed animal tail, refined with magic that is worn by priests and kings to show their royal dignity.

Lágídígba Èṣù – a necklace made of red and black beads, with addition of cowries. 

Ọ̀bẹ Èṣù – an ordinary or better yet a double bladed knife. It is a custom that for Èṣù there are two knives kept a smaller one that is positioned at the side of the altar and the other one for ritualistic purposes.

Yangí Ọta – Yangí, the holy stone of Èṣù.

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