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Taking care of your IFA

The popular Yoruba saying that goes thus: 

Bi a ba se bo Eegun si ni eegun ngbe ni si, 

bi a ba se bo Orisa si ni Orisa ngbe ni 

( The ancestors give support according to how good they are worshiped; an Orisa rewards according to how well the Orisa is appeased to). 

This clearly stated that as an Ifa or Orisa devotee, you should find it as a must in taking care of your Ifa or Orisa, you should not just be a devotee only by words but importantly by actions.

Some devotees sometimes find it difficult in life despite the fact that, they pray to their Orisa countless times and they wondered how everything remains stagnant. 

This might probably be because they are not taking good care of their Ifa or Orisa.

So, how do you take care of your Orisa?

I decided to draft out some steps which I believe it will be helpful for you in giving your Orisa the best treat they deserve. 

See below

Avoid Neglection

This is the first of all. You as a devotee should not in any form neglect Ifa or Orisa for no reason. 

This means in a broader perspective means  that you should not wait until there is a problem before rushing to Ifa or Orisa for help. 

You should all time pray, fed the the Orisa be it good or bad times.

Some only rush to Ifa or Orisa whenever they are facing challenges this I call selfishness because you cannot be getting what you request for and neglect who helped (Ifa or Orisa) you after gotten your wishes.

So my dear brothers and sisters in Ifa Tradition, for you to take care of your Ifa or Orisa, Avoidance of Neglection should always be at the back of your mind.

2: Appropriate Feeding

This is very important in this context. You must all time give Ifa or Orisa what they deserve and by doing this,your prayer shall be answered.

How then is such feeding done?

One aspect of feeding is when a divination is made, and Ifa prescribes specific foods as offering to an Orisa in conjunction with other ritualistic elements for ebo. 

For example, you are asked during consultation to offer Rooster to Esu.

The other aspect of feeding is done as a matter of routine. 

This is also an integral part of the advise not to neglect, but to be in constant communication with Ifa or Orisa. 

The routine feeding is done on all Ifa days called Orun/Ose ifa, Isan Ifa and itadogun Ifa. 

It is the one done on all Ogun days, Ose Ogun, Sango called Jakuta and Obatala as Ose Obatala.

However, as an Ifa or Orisa devotee,these days should always be recognised and appropriate feedings should be done that day to your Orisa.

3: Keep your Ifa or Orisa clean always (Be Hygienic):

As a true Ifa or Orisa devotee,you should keep your Ifa or Orisa clean always. 

You should not let where these Orisa are kept be a filthy place. 

Even IFa is against one being dirty plus the other Orisa too. 

Some of our practitioners are not cultivating the habit of this cleanliness.

It is unfortunate that most devotees in Nigeria are not doing well in this aspect, most shrines are not well kept and they are left in a filthy state.

Ifa or Orisa shrine should be kept clean always. 

Devotees too should be clean before dealing with Ifa. 

A woman in her menstrual cycle should stay away from Ifa during that time.

4: Keeping oneself clean (Personal Hygiene) :

As a devotee you must physically and spiritually keep your self away from being dirty, cleanliness should be your hobby. 

Keeping oneself clean physically for instance means a woman in her menstrual cycle should stay away from Ifa during that time while keeping oneself clean spiritually means you should abstain from any evil act before and even after feeding or  praying to Ifa or Orisa.

5: Know Your Orisa Oriki (praise names):

As a devotee you should know your Orisa alias names in order to reinforce your prayers.

If you do not know any of it,try to learn a little from those who know it. 

For instance, Some of Orunmila Oriki are;

Baba akéréfinúsogbón ( the witty smallish stature father), 

Elérìí ìpín (witness of destiny), 

ibikeji Olodumare (second in rank to Olodumare), 

Asorodayo (he brings joy to come), 

Ojise Olodumare(The emissary of Olodumare) to mention a few.

Therefore, for every Orisa that exist on earth each of them has Oriki chanted to them by their various devotees. 

Oriki is also an important way of taking care of one's Ifa or Orisa as it makes them happy and which is also a means of prompting them or hasten them to grant one wishes on time.

These five steps I believe shall help in taking care of one's Ifa or Orisa as a true devotee and i hope you them useful.

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